August 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Gaping holes.
The notion of untroubled breathing lingers
Perpetual tremors.

my bones shake and shake with sickness
over you. over her.
Suck in the breath through my teeth.
The sun tucks away
and the night goes on and on.

And I am like a ghost in the memories now.
I am a thing once longed for.
I am a thing no longer required.

Suck in the breath through my teeth.
Gaping hole stretch my insides free.
Let me loose.
Let me loose.

Rotted knee caps rotting flesh so tainted.
There is no grand mystery to fabricate
and what’s done is overdone.
Meer shreds of some kind of
ill favored light.
An odd disgrace
I can no longer set my eyes upon,
my love upon.

I’ll hitch for the next runaway train.
I’ll cast my chains atop your
wayward thoughts.


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