Shit my husband does that seriously pisses me off

August 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

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Getting off on himself, my husband signs into my Spotify and plays the worst music (his music-Shoot me in the face so I don‘t have to hear this-music), which he then fucking saves to random playlist’s so that anyone paying attention will see the notification on my Facebook wall.

(Clears throat. Taps glass. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Joey just added, lick you like a lollipop, by an awful band, to her playlist. That’s right. That mean she dig’s it. So have a listen for yourself and then we’ll let the pompous chuckles commence.)

It’s likely no one is paying attention, but seeing that I’ve been listening to White trash, by Black stone cherry and liked that shit so much I fucking added it to a playlist so I can actually enjoy that shit again, makes me fucking murderous.

I could stab him. I could have a stroke.

What’s worse is that Spotify, is also a jackass because it’s still informing people (even though I promptly deleted it), that I listened to it. And added it. Neglecting every other badass tune I’ve added since.

There was a brief war. I’ll do the same, I thought. He’ll pay!

I added songs about being a whiny girl, Britney. Songs by Wham and Savage garden. A few by some fourteen year old Disney prodigy. And that other shit about cotton eyed Joe being married a long time ago. Where did he come from. Where did he go. I’ve always loathed that one.

He didn’t care like I did. Compared to my own monstrous reaction, his embarrassment just barely reached, mild-which made me feel like some kind of lunatic. Then he kept the horrendous one about cotton eyed Joe, BECAUSE HE LIKED IT! And my fury, was again, justified.

“Forgot all about that one.”
“I don‘t even know you.” 


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