12 parts in ‘Maldoror’ someone somewhere underlined

November 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

pg 14Several times I’ve checked out ‘Songs of Maldoro’ by Lautreamont, from the library. I should just purchase the book but for whatever reason I haven’t. Each instance I read through it I have to stop and stumble and re-read over the same lines, (someone, somewhere) has underlined. Thin, wiggly lines which I imagine were put there by someone privately devilish-probably the content within the rest of the book leading me to perceive this person this way. It’s the same person throughout, pulling together a story of who they really are. You’ve seen this if you’re a person often rummaging through used books. Scriptures squared and highlighted in old bibles, notes and questions in margins of classics. Once I found hotel-notepad post-its on the inside cover of a book about getting lost. Scrawled in blue were micro instructions on best understanding specific chapters. I wanted to keep them, but I sent them on, thinking they’d do another far better than they would have done me. Perhaps a reason I keep checking Maldoro out instead of buying it is seeing those lines feels something like…checking in, with an anchor.

There you are, words so moving someone marked you and stood you out forever.

When I underline something, I do it without any regrets. It’s clean. No second thoughts.

I wonder about you-creature who also found/find something in Maldoror. Are these the lines of fingers anxiously mapping out so many eons of thoughts neglected and forgotten? Pounding your fists, ripping your hair out, shouting, “Finally!” finally you’ve found another who could speak for you. Are these mere notes? For some assignment? Plans for quotes? Maybe you were just trying to be careful not to scribble through the outside letters. Were you drooling? Did you have a warm body simmering in its blood amid your bed? When you read the unbearable parts? The parts that always without fail (and thank God for that) urge me to slam the book down and do just as Lautreamont instructed at the beginning-“It would not be well that all men should read the pages that are to follow; a few only may savor their bitter fruit without danger.”

The first twelve lines you underlined:

Pg 4. “Could a stone resist the law of gravity? Impossible.”

Pg 10. “this page which is dedicated to the sanctity of crime,”

Pg 10. “I have made a pact with prostitution in order to sow disorder among families.”

Pg 11. “Meanwhile a naked and beautiful woman came and lay down at my feet.”

Pg 12. “Only you, and the loathsome monsters that haunt those murky depths, do not despise me.”

Pg 12. “From today I abandon virtue!”

Pg 13. “The hair of those who hear stands on end.”

Pg 14. “I am the son of a man and a woman, from what they tell me. This astounds me…I had thought to be more than this!”

Pg 19. “The great universal family of human beings is a Utopia worthy of the meanest logic.”

Pg 20. “I have often asked myself which is easier to recognize: the depth of the ocean or the depth of the human heart!”

Pg 22. “Such is the fear that you inspire in them that they respect you. In spite of that you toss their heaviest machines around with grace, elegance, and ease.”

Pg 26. “I know that my annihilation will be complete.”

I’ve made the plan to underline my own pieces.
I’ll turn in the book and I’ll check out again, a year from now.





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