December 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Icky decay eroding second set of chompers and there is

Nada-nothing-zero she can do to save herself from the crack-head she’ll one day soon appear to be.

Etching out the lines-poor and dragging,

Scraping/cutting up the pink as she anxiously tongues the broken.

Cake and cookies-no. Broke the first on a burnt pepperoni from Pizza hut back in High school

Away, pain-Aways-in the first aid box in the musty closet in the office where she worked after school.

Popping those bitches like candy-jeans/cheeks/fingers, painted in blue ink.

Apprehensive of all things designed to drill against the bad parts-it’s always

Boo-hoo cry-baby too weak to man up. Too weak to get it done.

Leave her bleeding from the mouth for Jesus-He’ll get her.

Ejection seat-ether, either-or, whatever.


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