Absolution. Moments of rawness.

December 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Circumspectly solitary- in and about the Sunday afternoon inorganic bed, in the room with the holographic light of the great mechanical sun; light, lazing along the carpet-the carpet that has no heart. And all of these things that have no vision-The ash blue satin paint drips on the fireplace, have no idea. And will just go out/down, already dead and truly useless.

I just keep breathing.

Destruction is coming, and so today I am mourning the great loss to come. The big red Babylon and all of its wickedness. And all of its inhabitants unknowingly sinking in the pits of carnality.

With knowledge comes sorrow. Yes it does. Yes it does.
Oh how my soul sits clenched.

Three days I’ll keep mine close, pressed against me in the dark. I’ll shield their eyes and coo, “Shh, don’t look. It will all be over soon.”

Madmen elites-handing out gospel, whispering, “Trust me, symbols, trust me, fun.” prowling with their lizard tongues and their horned fists, shouting, FREEDOM! Washed in the blood of the children and the saints. I can smell the shit on their breath. I can see the guts in their teeth.

Sneaking around in their manmade blackened skies while the lower class bums try to sleep; dreaming of cheeseburgers and earthquakes instead. Fucking oblivious as they push blue lights through our walls and make us all still while they suck up our babies to poke and prod and add to the devils menagerie in some underground fantasy wonderland. Millions of babies. Babies each year. And we wake up like, What?

I lye awake each night hypnotized on wine and fear waiting for anyone watching to catch on, listening for the sound/whoosh of their bodies leaving and the moment I realize all of my nightmares had actually come forth.

And when I finally lost my faith, I prayed and begged and God gave it back to me. Turns out he’d caught it when I wasn’t looking and took the initiative to hold on to it for me. To keep it safe until I realized I didn’t have it, and that I needed it. Or I’d die. Or I’d cut the throats of everyone. I took it back and dropped and said I’d be sure to fucking cherish it, this time. This time I’d remember how fragile, how valuable it is. Now there is no question and now I know and I will never again assume the truth is untouchable.







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