March 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

If you’d only cut it away-sail away-give:
Shock the dead-decapitate-stamp an X where they bled.
All of it matters.
Some of it matters.
None of it matters.

Blue rabbit this enigma, no tail, no sail, no give
They’re running into the night with shotguns-hot guns-crossing rivers of oil
Spoiled. The rabbit went bad.
None of it matters.
New signs in the heavens plunging like they said it would

Play. Play to me.
There’s a lady in the lake.
There’s a man standing still in a boat.
It’s dark out there.
Play to me.

Red rabbit in the weeds with an X where it bleeds.
Look at the stars/look at the moon.
My legs are giving out.
I can see it all now.


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